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Awards - Housing Industry of Australia

Bennett Builders are responsible for some of the Riverland’s best homes. Homes which deliver beauty and comfort for their owners and, at the same time, enrich their natural surroundings. 

  • In 2007, a stunning eco-friendly home created by Bennett Builders was named South Australia's Custom Built Home of the Year, in its category, by the building industry's Housing Industry Association.
  • In 2010 the Bennett Builders team received an HIA award in the Outdoor Project category.

HIA Award Home

The Bennett Builders team received an HIA Award in 2007 in the Custom Built Homes $450k to 550k category.

When Bennett Builders was asked to build what is arguably the region’s most environmentally friendly home, Kym and his team embraced the opportunity to create a piece of history.

This remarkable award winning home was built on a small ridge overlooking the Murray River, north-east of Renmark.

Energy saving features included extensive insulation, a solar hot water service, recycling of grey water, extensive rainwater storage and evaporative air conditioning.

Tony Sharley, home owner, said “Kym Bennett and his team have built a house which has maximised the advantage of the site and the building materials selected.   More new homes need to emphasise environmental features to save on energy use, both in the selection of materials during construction, and to minimise energy use for the home owner to live in”.

Mr Sharley’s contemporary design features three separate buildings, linked by passages and decks, allowing sections of the home to be partitioned off when not in use to further reduce energy consumption.

The house has north orientation which means its large, specially glazed, windows make the most of the stunning river valley views, while ensuring the living areas are sheltered from the summer heat and draw in winter warmth.

All western walls are solid with heavy duty insulation providing a barrier to the afternoon sun. 

HIA judges said Bennett Builders had shown sympathy for the local environment through the choice of exterior treatment for the home as it features a natural palette and light coloured roof to reflect, and reduce, heat absorption.

Bennett Builders are proud to have built the award winning Sharley residence and would welcome the opportunity to discuss building your high quality distinctive home.

HIA Award Winning Outdoor Project

HIA Award - 2010

The Bennett Builders team were thrilled to receive an HIA award in 2010 in the Outdoor Project category.

The award winning custom designed outdoor area is spectacular, a true testament to Bennett Builders quality workmanship and ability to tailor designs to their clients’ specifications.

Mr Bennett said the owners provided the ideas and it was his job to make the design a reality. “The customers were rapt,” he said. “They were just about doing cartwheels.”